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Replacement Walk In Doors

Retro fit any walk-in cooler or freezer door, hi-quality replacement door custom made to your specifications.

Energy Efficient Doors

Our Cooler Doors provide better insulation, Foamed in Place with Dow Chemical Company, providing R-29 for Coolers and R-32 for Freezers.

Custom Made, Easy Install

We build doors with high-quality materials, to your exact specifications. Installation is straight-forward and we're always available for support.

Quick Build

With us, you can be confident in delivering for your customer. We've been making custom replacement commercial parts for  years.

Wear and tear on a walk in are expected, and if you find yourself in need of a replacement walk in door, we have you covered. Strivide provides replacement doors that are manufactured to fit any brand of walk in on the market. Our door kits overlap the panels of your existing walk in to ensure proper fit and seal and are custom made to your exact specifications.

All of our replacement walk in doors are available in a variety of finishes and with all the components needed to replace the existing door, including hardware, wiring, gaskets and door sweeps.

Our made-to-order doors are available to ship seven to ten business days after drawings are approved. Once you receive your new replacement walk in door, all you have to do is make sure the door is square and then bolt it onto your walk in cooler or freezer.

It’s that simple!

Choose From Three Replacement Door Kit Options


The outside face frame helps provide stability and protection to the exterior side of the door.


The outside face frame helps provide stability and protection to the exterior side of the door.


Use on new door openings or existing door openings where structural issues are a concern.

Choose from three replacement door kit options

Not only do we attest to our high-quality materials and craftsmanship, but we’re confident that you’ll find our replacement doors competitively priced. We’ve even heard from customers who were amazed that their replacement was more durable and functional that the original model!

  • Every Door Is Custom Made to Order using your Specifications for that perfect fit. Expedited Build and ship if needed.

  • We Use only High-Quality Kason Door Hinges and latches.

  • We Use Expanding Closed Cell Adhesive Dow Foam R-29 Coolers and R-32 Freezers. Our Foam is pumped in under pressure to fill every crack and crevice to make an efficient, Solid Heavy Duty Door.

  • Our Refrigeration Gasket uses High Energy Magnets for a tighter longer lasting seal. Our Style of Gasket is Industry standard in the USA and easy to replace in the future.

  • Your door is built to order, at our large top-notch manufacturing center in South Dakota, U.S.A. We take pride in delivering a product backed by master craftsmanship and community.


  • Mass Produced Doors are made as cheap as possible. Made to round about sizes. These Inferior replacements Don’t fit correctly and Don’t Standup to everyday abuse.

  • Use Cheep Chinese Hinges and latches that fail quickly.

  • Use sheet foam with sheet metal wrapped around it. This creates lots of empty space in thedoor losing efficiency and strength.

  • They use hard to find and replace, inefficient compression gasket.

  • No pride in delivering a quality product. Just mass produced one size fits all, low quality doors.

Satisfied Customers

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