Gasket Compatible with True 810862 - 25-1/8" x 54-1/8" Magnetic Door Gasket Replacement

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Keep a tight seal on your refrigeration unit with this True 810862 compatible, 25-1/8" x 54-1/8" magnetic door gasket replacement. Easy, tool-free installation!
SKU: 810862
Gasket Description
A faulty seal results in your refrigerator or freezer working harder to maintain temperature, resulting in increased electrical and maintenance costs.

Fix the problem and keep your equipment running with this True 810862 compatible replacement door gasket. Easy tool-free installation makes replacement a breeze!

Size: 25-1/8" x 54-1/8"

Fits Models: G4SM-23, G4SM-23FC, G4SM-23PT, G4SM-23-RGS, G4SM-23RL, G4SM-23RL-SI, GDIM-49NT, GDM-19, GDM-19 220V CE COKE SPAIN, GDM-19T, GDM-23, GDM-23F, GDM-23F FAMILY DOLLAR, GDM-23FC, GDM-23HL, GDM-23PT, GDM-23RL, GDM-23W, GEM-23, GEM-23FC, T-19, T-19E, T-19E-FZ, T-19F, T-19FZ, T-19G, T-23, T-23F, T-23FG, T-23FG-2, T-23FZ, T-23G, T-23G-PT, T-23G-RL, T-23PT, T-23RL, T-49DT-G, TC-23, TS-19, TS-23, TS-23F, TS-23FG, TS-23G, TS-23G-PT, TS-23G-RL, TS-23PT

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Gasket Specifications