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MFG: Victory

MPN #: 50596902

USDA, NSF Approved Gasket

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Victory 50596902 Compatible Door Gasket

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Victory 50596902 Magnetic Door Gasket Size - 58 x 23 1/2" Fits tight Seals right 100% Money Back Gaurantee Made in USA

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Victory 50596902 Compatible Door Gasket Size 58 x 23-1/2 For Unit Models: AF22S5, AR22S5, RS2DS6PT, RS3DS6, RS3DS7PT, FS3DS7, SR22S6PT, SR72S6PT, RFS2DS7, RAA1DS7, RAA1DS7PT, AR47S5, FA1DS7, FA2DS6, FAA3DS7SD, RAA1DS7SD, AR47S6, RLRA2DS7, AR47S6PT, AR72S5, FAA2DS7, FS1DR7, FS2DS7, FS2DS7PT, FSA3DS7, RA2DS728, RA2DS7PT, RA2DS7PTHD, RFA1DS6, RFA1DS7, RS1DR6PTHD, RS2DS6, RS2DS7PT, RSA1DS7, RSA1DS7PT, SF22R6, SF22S6HD, SF47S6, SR72S6, AR72S6, FA3DS7, FAA2DS7SD, RA1DS6, RA1DS7, RA1DS7PT, RA1DS7PT28, RA2DS6, RA2DS7, RS1DS6, RS1DS7, RS1DS7PT, RS2DS7, RS3DS7, RSA2DS7, SF72S6, SR47S6, AF22S6, AF72S5, FS1DS6, FS2DS6, RA2DS5, RA3DS7PT, RAA1DS7SDA1, RS1DR7, RSA2DS7PT, AF47S5, AF47S6, FAA3DS7, RAA3DS7, RAA3DS7SD, RFA2DS7, AR22S6, FA2DS7, FAA1DS7, FAA1DS7SD, RA3DS7, RAA2DS7SD, RAA2DS7, SR22S6, RA1DR7, RA2DS6HDEW, SR47S5, RA-1DF7

Length 23 1/2"
Width 58"
Profile 10-516
RAC profile M-701-516
CG Profile 165
Manufacturer Victory
Part Number 50596902
Alternate Part Numbers
Unit Compatibility
Lin FT. 13.58
Top 50 No
Part Number / Dimensions 50596902 / 58 x 23 1/2"
Shape Rectangle
Dimension 58 x 23 1/2"
RHS Part #
Allpoint Part #
Zoro #
Material USDA, NSF Approved PVC
Approved USDA, NSF Approved Refrigeration Gasket
Color Grey
Alternate Part Numbers
PR VAR 3.6
Listing Type FIRST CDG
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