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Over time your Tafco refrigeration gasket will naturally start to wear down, and replacing the gasket will help cool your refrigerator and will lower your energy bills. Gaskets work to keep the cold air in, and the warm air out. Broken refrigerator gaskets let the cold air from your Tafco refrigerator seep out, making your restaurant equipment work harder to maintain its internal temperature. Not only is that increase in energy a strain on natural resources, but you'll see your energy bills soar.

Tafco Replacement Gaskets

Does your refrigerator gasket always look compressed, or do you see visible signs of breakage? If your gasket shows these signs, chances are it's time to replace that Turbo Air part.

Our Tafco refrigeration gaskets are high quality compatible replacements that are produced from high-quality material and can be easily installed. Tafco gaskets reduce total cost of ownership by promoting airtight seals and longer lasting doors. 

Tafco Gaskets by Part #

This is our current Catalog of gaskets by Tafco part number. Keep in mind our catalog database is always growing and should you not see the profile and dimension combo you are looking for don't worry.

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