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True Gasket Replacement

Gaskets are important for keeping your cold air in and the warm air out. When your gasket is starting to crack or gets gaps between the door and the gasket it's time to get a new one. Also if the color of your gasket is starting to fading this is a sign of deterioration and that you need to get a replacement.

Our gaskets for True refrigeration are high-quality compatible replacements that are produced from high-quality material and can be easily installed. They are not OEM gaskets, but high-quality replacements.  Cooler Door replacement gaskets provide an airtight seal and longer lasting doors. 

Finding The Right True Gasket

Finding the right refrigeration gasket is more difficult than it should be thanks to True using the same model numbers in different production runs. This means you will need to locate the data plate on your fridge or freezer to get more information. Here you can find both the serial and model number. 

After locating these two numbers use the True serial number to find the manufacturing date of your unit. The age of the True unit is important because different parts were made in different production runs. 

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